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The following agreement is between Catherine L. Cargo, hereafter referred to as “Breeder” and

_____________________________, here after referred to as “Purchaser”.


In consideration of a purchase price of one thousand dollars ($1200), the breeder transfers in fee simple rights, privileges and responsibilities associated with the ownership of the MALE/FEMALE puppy of the Old English Sheepdog Breed _______________________ as specified in the following, to purchaser as of the date specified below.  Purchaser has the right to return the puppy to Breeder during the first 7 days from the date of signature of this agreement for a refund in the amount of the purchase price, for any congenital or chronic medical conditions certified by a licensed veterinarian.


This sale is contingent on the conditions and guarantees specified in the written guarantee which accompanies the instrument and the following:


_______________is being sold as a pet, and subsequently is removed from Capricorn’s breeding program; under no circumstances shall he/she be bred.  Should any attempt at breeding ________________transpire, punitive damages of $3,000 plus $1200 for each puppy shall be remitted to Breeder, and ____________will be returned to the Breeder immediately.


Breeder will remain as co-owner on this puppy until such time of neutering, preferably after 6 mos .of age.and , by a licensed veterinarian.  Upon presentation by the purchaser of a Certificate of Neuter for this e to the Breeder, Breeder will have her name removed as Co-Owner for this dog.


Should Purchaser decide to relinquish ownership of ______________ at any time during her lifetime for ANY reason, other than others directed by law, Purchaser agrees to return ______________ to Breeder as fast as possible by safest means possible that will not endanger the life, welfare or well-being of _____________ .  All costs incurred for the return of ______________as well as any expenses resulting from medical treatment and/or training for reconditioning or socialization will be the responsibility of Purchaser.


_______________may not be sold, placed or in any means ownership relinquished to another party unless agreed upon by Breeder and expressed in writing by Breeder to Purchaser.  If at anytime, Purchaser is unable or unwilling to provide for____________,  ______________ must be returned to Breeder under the terms specified above.


Breeder hereby guarantees that should __________have any genetic defect that prevents __________from being a healthy pet, she may be returned to the Breeder and a replacement puppy will be given to the Purchaser.


Should Purchaser or any household member be charged with animal cruelty/abuse or any act that is contrary to human and responsible treatment of animals, this puppy will be returned to Breeder, immediately.







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Purchaser is Responsible for:

a)       keeping ____________up to date on all immunizations

b)       annual check up by a licensed veterinarian

c)       Maintenance consisting of feeding with a nutritionally stable canine diet and supplement when necessary.

d)       Providing whatever training necessary to ensure this puppy’s emotional/social stability (A basic puppy kindergarten is recommended.

e)       Providing grooming care and maintenance of__________, if Purchaser is unable to keep puppy coated, then puppy should be appropriately clipped down.


Purchasers are responsible for updated pictures of this dog at least twice in the first year approximately 6 mos. apart and once a year thereafter as long as ___________remains at Purchasers home.


This is a mutual agreement between Breeder and Purchaser.  All terms and conditions of this are binding and non-negotiable.  Should the terms of this agreement, whether incidentally or deliberately, Breeder will pursue her options as stated in the Agreement to the fullest.  Further should it become necessary legal action to fulfill terms of this agreement, Purchaser will be held liable for all legal fees and court costs.  Also, any placement costs, maintenance costs, boarding, medical and associated miscellaneous costs related to this puppy/dog will be the responsibility of Purchaser.  Liquidation damages in the amount of $2500.00 will be payable to Breeder by Purchaser in addition to the above costs and expenses.


By my signature, I affirm that I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this agreement.  Further, I agree to abide by the letter of the terms and conditions, as well as, the spirit of this agreement.  I am aware of and fully understand the possible consequences of breaching this agreement.  I sign this agreement of my own free will and without duress.



Agreed to: __________________________ Date:



Breeder ___________________________Date: