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Note:  This page contains LOTS of photos...please be patient while it loads.

Ch. Royalist Reign On, our current special.

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Show photos from the Camino Real English Toy Spaniel Club Independent Specialty, 2000
This is a page that will help you navigate around my virtual home. Show Photos from the English Toy Spaniel Club of America Specialty Show, 2000
This page provides an introduction of myself, where it all began and what my goals are. Show Photos from the English Toy Spaniel Club of America Specialty Show, 1999--Our presence was well-known there!
Make your acquaintance with the gentlemen at Royalist A gallery of photographs depicting my dogs through the years.  May very well take a long time to load, so please be patient with load time. Soon to be transformed into a slide-show.  Come back soon!
Make your acquaintance with the ladies of Royalist Another photo gallery, this one comprised of puppies and my children.  Again, load time will be slow, so be prepared. Also soon to be a slide-show
Health Issues and Certifications.  Photographs of the children and the dogs interacting.


fattest belly contest


The beauty of these heads is apparent at a very early age.

This is a male...

...and this is a female with another stunning head.  Note the tipped back nose and upturn of the lower jaw.

The head should "...come as far over the eyes as possible."  It should also have good "rise" and be nicely domed.  Dome includes the "rise" of skull, which is a prominent feature of this breed.